What, I gotta do everything?

Location, location, location.

Crabby Joe's interior

Each restaurant is designed around our customers’ comfort and enjoyment. Our fun, upbeat casual dining atmosphere makes Crabby Joe’s an excellent venue for everyday dining, events, celebrations, office groups and team gatherings.

The Crabby Joe’s look is “casual relaxed”. From our distinctive natural brick to our rich hardwoods, classic art reproductions, soothing earth tone colours, and appropriate mix of booths and tables, Crabby Joe’s oozes comfort. Add to this our signature cartoon chalkboards and murals, sports memorabilia, TVs and lively upbeat music throughout the restaurant.

Crabby Joe's interior

Whether it’s in our dining room area where families and friends enjoy their meals or in the bar/refreshment area where customers of all ages drop in for a brief social visit or to join regularly with friends, you will find fun and fellowship combined with good food and pleasant surroundings. Crabby Joe’s is a dynamic restaurant design, as right for today as it is for the millennium.

Obsidian Group Inc. places its highest priority on identifying appropriate locations for Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grills. Our real estate professionals together with us conduct a thorough investigation of all proposed sites. This site screening process includes surveys of surrounding businesses, traffic patterns and demographic data review. Once a site has been qualified, Obsidian Group Inc. negotiates long term leases with the best possible terms and conditions.

A Crabby Joe’s location is a great investment.

When building a new location, funds for leaseholds, furniture and fixtures, equipment and signage have to be arranged.

We never skimp on our locations. We use new equipment, fixtures and materials... which add up to beautiful decor, ease of maintenance and durability. Yet industry insiders are amazed by how inexpensive Crabby Joe’s start-ups are in comparison to other restaurant franchises.

What is a “typical” Crabby Joe’s location? The approximate size is 4,000 sq Ft, with a layout that consists of a full service kitchen with 70% dining room area and 30% bar and eating area. The building is sometimes a freestanding building, however, occasionally an inline location in a strip mall is functional.

We look at many criteria when determining a location.

Trade Area
  • Population within a 10 km radius
  • Competition within a 10 km radius
  • Businesses in surrounding area

Traffic Generators
  • Shopping Centers in the Area
  • Schools and Family Centers
  • Entertainment facilities (Theatres, Arenas etc...)
  • Proximity to Main Highways and other Main Traffic Routes
  • Healthcare Facilities (Hospitals, Clinics, etc.)

Generally, we estimate a budget of between $700,000 – $850,000 for your new location. We’ll work to assist you in obtaining bank support for part of your investment. Actuals are finalized once tenders are received. These costs do not include the soft costs of opening such as the franchise fee, food and beverage inventories, utility and leased equipment deposits, first and last months rent, training costs, etc.

Many of our new Franchisees have been surprised by how quickly they achieve a positive cash flow and start to recoup their cash investments!

Joe's menu has something for everyone: burgers, pasta, steaks, ribs, wings, seafood, fajitas, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, drinks and desserts. Ontario’s crabbiest family restaurant and bar.